Most people know ourselves only from our daily photographs, that are usually front facing and smiling to the camera.

But how can a wedding photographer capture our moments in an emotional way? How can she elicit real human moments? To show another point of view and give real emotional value to something that is ‘given’? How can she make the trivial important, something that is seemingly common everyday and fleeting? How can she capture the moment and make it eternal, giving it the gravity it deserves?

Wedding photography isn’t a contest in which the best technique wins. It is the emotional relevance of something you see; falling in love with its aura.
That will remind you of something from your own experiences and will excite you.

In modern day, “beautiful” seems to be another word for “impressive” rather than simple, austere, internal. But human beings go deeper than first impressions. We take in the aura of one another and don’t let the external image make a lasting impression on us. Art works in the same way. Our favourite music, paintings, movies, sculptures, photographs aren’t ‘impressive’ but meaningful.

Wedding photography should not be interested in the ‘clinical’ picture of the unwrinkled shirt and waxy face, the impeccable image. Beauty can even be found on the dust of your shoes while walking in the streets … isn’t it better to remain faithful to the art of photography and not to sell out to a Hollywood style “red carpet”, a beauty pageant that after a year is sold in thrift shop baskets? Wedding photographs should always be in our hearts and not worn out after a few years when fashions change.

A great art historian once said about the 2nd-century BC marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike (Victory), the so-called “Winged Victory of Samothrace” that if she had her hand she would not have the value she has today … We are all looking for things we have not yet acquired.
A wedding photographer who wants to give more emotion to her images has a duty to instill in her audience a sense of beauty. She has the obligation not to create an audience of “plastic photography”.

Wedding photography should not only see the beauty of the bride, the groom and their relatives. Marriage should be a spark that produces life-long memories. This is the one opportunity that you have to gather all relatives and friends in one place. You have the opportunity to exchange experiences and feelings.

Our experiences and our memories, at least for those of us who have grown up in Greece, is tinted with the Greek color of sunlight.

Spiridoula Gouskou-Agelastou, co-owner of Story Studios

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