Our story

Zante Wedding Video & Film Production

We realized we work best when we can express your emotions and when we inspire the viewer through our timeless still and moving images. We work best when you are being yourselves in the midst of the people you belong to.

Spiridoula and Lukas met at Spiridoula’s first photographic exhibition.
With degrees in Social Studies and Business & Management, you would think Lukas would be a lecturer or working his way up the corporate ladder. He did for a while, working at a large computer firm as a Business Analyst. But he was unhappy until he realized he wanted to make movies.

Focus on Quality

When he met his future wife he fell in love with her images and how she views the world. Spiridoula had studied Photography and Art Restoration- she was restoring medieval works of art at the time. But she was never happier than when she was out taking pictures and displaying them to the public.

So the two of us fell in love, and Spiridoula taught Lukas everything she knew about photography. And we decided to do this as a job. But where would the money come from? When we were asked to shoot weddings we realized we could maybe make a living out of it. Quite soon we owned a small photo studio catering for everyone’s needs. Still, we weren’t 100% happy. We did not know how taking pictures and videos for the general public and often for people who did not share the same values as us could bring us closer to the dream of taking artistic images and making movies.

It was only after shooting hundreds of weddings that we realized we have to do it our own way. We thought hard about what kind of people we would like to tell stories of. It became clear that the best jobs we had ever done were for people who shared our values of dignity, respect, love, solidarity, family and friendship. We felt at ease with them, and they did with us. This resulted in very natural images and films.

Although our studio existed since 2006, it was then that it was decided that we could only function if we insist on creating timeless, emotional, inspiring images of couples and the people they belong to. And say no to people who don’t inspire us because they want something glamorous that we can’t offer.

So, if you are happiest when you are around the people you belong to, and if your wedding is a gathering of the people you love most, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

If, on the other hand, you would characterise yourself as being obsessed with style, status, glamour and details… Then we can recommend you to some great friends who specialize in this kind of photography and cinematography work.