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Cameo island Zante weddings: Nadine & Philip, 26 June 2013

Cameo island Zante weddings: Nadine & Philip got married on the 26 June 2013 with their little daughter and their closest families present. Here is the Storybook:


Thank you to Lisa Burton from The Bridal Consultants for this special occasion.

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Mellanie & Neil, 26 July 2012, a Cameo Island Wedding

Cameo Island Wedding: Mell and Neil were ecstatic on their wedding day. They were so happy with the venue, their guests being there and just enjoying a typical Greek summer day for their celebration, organized perfectly by The Bridal Consultant. Here are my favourite photos… and the Storybook:


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Kelly & Craig, 2 July 2012. Alexandra Beach Zante weddings

Alexandra Beach Zante Weddings.
Kelly was in tears the moment she arrived at the venue with the horse & cart. She was emotional throughout the wedding, and it was great to be able to capture these unique moments with her friends and family… Oh and her new husband of course!!!!

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Hayley & Mark, 21 June 2012, Weddings Vardiola Restaurant

Weddings Vardiola Restaurant… Vardiola is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Zante. I had the chance to go to Hayley’s preparations before the wedding and was taken aback at how sweet she was. Everybody said so by the end of the wedding day. Frances from zanteweddings.com, who coordinated the wedding, felt exactly the same way. The whole family was so welcoming, and Mark & Hayley’s two little girls are so sweet. It actually helped that they were camera shy, as I could take more candid photographs this way. It was such a pleasure to meet both of them. Here is the Storybook: http://www.story-studios.com/proofer/galView.php?id=906c5d0bd60df09b730f671e89ab9c62

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Gemma & Peter, 14 June 2012, Chapel Wedding Zante

Chapel Wedding Zante, Gemma & Peter. Poor Peter was soooo nervous before Gemma arrived at the small chapel of the Marelen Hotel in Kalamaki.
There was no need as the wedding went very smoothly and it was a great celebration for their families. Here is the Storybook: http://www.story-studios.com/proofer/galView.php?id=dfe7259772eff05e675a610ddf5bba81

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