Wedding location: Manesi, Argolis, Greece

Reception location: Agamemnon Palace, Mycenae, Greece

Photoshoots location: Nafplio, Greece

“Stelios just saw the photos, too and he is crazy about them”

Anastasia and Stelios met on the 3.3.2003… They have been together ever since. Stelios wants nothing more than for Anastasia to tell him one day that she is pregnant, so they can start their family. While they live in Athens, they are hoping to move from the bustling city to a more quiet place soon.

They have come all this way for the last years.

Their wedding was held at the church of the village Anastasia grew up in. While she was getting ready at her home, Stelios was with friends and family at a hotel in the village of Mycenae, home to the world renowned archaeological site, having been one of the major centres of Greek civilisation in the second millennium BC. The period of Greek history from about 1600 BC to about 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to the location.

We did a great pre-wedding shoot in Nafplio the day before the wedding, which according to the couple was one of the highlights of their whole wedding experience. Spiridoula also organised a fantastic group bike ride photo shoot on the day after the wedding.