One of the most important decisions you have to make when planning your wedding is choosing the wedding destination.
Probably, you are now searching all over the internet for popular places worldwide in order to find your dream place and start planning every single detail of your big day. Before taking this critical decision, read on and find out our definition of the “ideal” destination, Zante.1. Sea and sun

Zante, or Zakynthos, is one of the most famous and magical Greek islands. Located in the Ionian Sea, the crystal blue waters and the stunning scenery are the best reasons why you should visit Zante. You should not miss the world’s famous “Navagio beach” and the Blue Caves, where you can enjoy both the beautiful view, the sea and the sun.

2. Greek customs and traditions

Greece is famous for its special customs, inherited from older generations and, of course, a special event, such as the Greek wedding, couldn’t miss out on traditional customs. Apart from the wedding customs, while in Zante you will also have the opportunity to experience many local traditions that are truly unique and will offer you memorable moments during your stay in the island.

3. Perfect spots for wedding photography

Breathtaking sea view and unique natural beauty. Can you think of a better background for your wedding photos? Zante offers numerous of spots around the island for perfect wedding photography, according to your wishes. Capture your most beautiful moments in the most idyllic place with an expert wedding photographer who will depict the magic in the photos.

4. Outdoor adventures and exciting nightlife (Combine honeymoon and wedding)

If you are searching for fun in the sun, vivid nightlife and endless adventure, then Zante is the right place not only for your wedding day but also for your honeymoon. After your wedding, you can lay back and enjoy your holidays with your loved one. If you love outdoor activities, you will find many alternatives all year long, such us horse riding on the beach, scuba diving, biking, boat tour around the island and skydiving from high cliffs for the bravest travellers. Whether you are adventure seekers or you just want to relax and enjoy sunbathing, Zante will offer you a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Greek cuisine

You don’t have to be a food specialist to ‘get a taste’ of the delicious dishes of the island. Except for the beautiful surroundings, whether in a nice restaurant or a lovely, traditional tavern, tasting the popular food of Zante will be a unique experience: fresh food, special dishes, local products and deserts that you’ve never tasted before! Do not forget to try “pasteli”, “mandolato” and “fitoures”! Aren’t you already dreaming your wedding in Zante?

Now you have found the location of the wedding, you can start planning all the details for your dreamy wedding!