Cameo Zante weddings: Casey & Aaron, 29 June 2013

This lovely couple tied the knot in fabulous Cameo Zante weddings style.
The atmosphere was great, all the guests were happy and the kids got to throw stones into the sea! The reception was held upstairs at Cameo. Thank you to Frances Tsiolis from Zante Weddings by Tsilivi Travel for this unique occasion. The Storybook is here:

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Cameo island Zante weddings: Nadine & Philip, 26 June 2013

Cameo island Zante weddings: Nadine & Philip got married on the 26 June 2013 with their little daughter and their closest families present. Here is the Storybook:

Thank you to Lisa Burton from The Bridal Consultants for this special occasion.

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Alexandra Beach wedding Zante: Lucy & Matthew, 27 June 2013

The Alexandra Beach wedding Zante of Lucy & Matthew was a fun affair, and it started off with the groom arriving by speedboat much to the delight of the guests. Thank you to Frances Tsiolis from Zante Weddings by Tsilivi Travel for this great day. Here is the Storybook:

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Turtle Island Zante wedding: Scott & Tanya, 20 June 2013

Turtle Island Zante wedding. The return to Turtle Island! Sounds like an Indiana Jones film, doesn’t it!? There is some intrigue and sense of discovery when you go to an uninhabited island. The magic of Turtle Island (Marathonissi) lies in the stunning landscape, with its green slope, lush waters and its shape that is like one of the loggerhead turtles that find their way to this piece of heaven on earth. Scott & Tanya loved their wedding day. Thank you to Lisa Burton of The Bridal Consultant for this amazing day.Zante Turtle IslandZante Turtle IslandTurtle Island Zante weddingTurtle Island Zante wedding

Catholic wedding Zante: Caroline & Darran, 25 June 2013

Catholic wedding Zante: A Catholic wedding at our local church St Markos in Zakynthos town is always an experience! Even more so when you have these two lovely people and their families from Ireland over. Most of the guests didn’t know what to expect from a “wedding abroad”, and everybody was over the moon with what they experienced, Caroline & Darran told us afterwards! Here is the Storybook: Thank you to Lisa Burton from The Bridal Consultant for this great day!Balcony wedding Zante